Mere Plantations are a UK based company with over 15 years experience in reafforestation of degraded forest land.

Who We Are

Mere Plantations grow mainly Teak (Tectona Grandis) due to the resilience of the tree, and the high value of the associated timber.

For the sake of good husbandry and essential biodiversity, Mere intersperse stands with native hardwoods.

Mere grow timber for its own business, as well as contract grow for companies and institutions.

It is said we are the first generation to understand the damage we are causing to the planet. It is said we are the last generation that can do anything about it.

We either take responsibility for our actions, or we leave it to others.

Trees are the lungs of our planet, acting as filters of the atmosphere by taking in harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide, locking them away in the body of the tree, and releasing oxygen.


It's #IntlForestDay! Forest health is essential to sustain all aspects of life, from cleaning air and water, to providing essential food, fuel, medicines and jobs.
We turn degraded land into productive, carbon sequestering forestland whilst tackling the drivers of deforestation🇬🇭


Log quality control taking place of our sustainably grown & harvested #Teak.
We educate log inspectors to have good understanding of defects and what is required for the successful production of marine-grade #timber.
Proud to provide transparency & traceability From Seed to Saw®


Today, we celebrate #InternationalWomensDay2023 and acknowledge the crucial contributions women make to forestry.
Providing equal opportunities to manage productive forests sustainably, with a shared goal to restore degraded soils & combat the effects of climate change. #SDG5🇬🇭


“Those who would judge us merely by the heights we have achieved would do well to remember the depths from which we started” (Kwame Nkrumah). Today, let’s celebrate how far we have come, and resolve to build Ghana up to where we’d wish it to be. #HappyIndependenceDay

Happy #ForestryFriday!🌱🌳🪵🌳🪵
Through our mulching programme and nitrogen fixing cover crops we improve soil fertility and soil bacterial communities, enhancing tree growth and productivity.
Soil is a finite resource - it pays to look after it.
#SDG15 #AfricaEnvironmentDay🇬🇭

The properties of #Teak make it an excellent non-slip surface, so it's considerably safer than some alternatives to walk on when wet.
🚫plastic additions/modifications, just truly sustainable, quality Teak grown & harvested on degraded land with the ability to regenerate.#SDGs🇬🇭


Afram Headwaters Forest Reserve is one of the oldest #forest reserves to be gazetted in #Ghana that aims to meet the growing demand for quality wood products from sustainably managed forest plantations. It’s such a pleasure to contribute to this kind of project!

To produce this quality #Teak we nurtured seeds 11yrs ago. Coppice stools remain to grow further #timber crops and improve degraded land.

In this ‘Plastic Age’ we should:
1⃣Reuse natural resources
2⃣Reduce waste
3⃣Respect #nature to leave land in a better state than we found it.


We are able to offer our clients straight, quality #Teak logs to suit their requirements at scale.

By managing plantation forests #sustainably we're increasing the use of wood to displace carbon-intensive materials.

🌳Nature-based solutions to tackle climate change. #SDG13🇬🇭🇬🇧

Golden hour on the plantations is spectacular!😍
We're regaining ecological integrity & ensuring resilient ecosystems with #sustainable land management. To become officially "sustainable", a company pledges not to clear any primary forest & to have transparent supply chains🇬🇭🪵🇬🇧


Today, we had the pleasure of celebrating both Arbor Day and #NAW2023 @MyerscoughColl.
This year’s theme is ‘Skills for Life’, with a spotlight on lifelong learning.
We believe it's never too late or too early to take an interest in trees.🌳#AskAForester #arboriculture #forestry


ALLCOT actively supports a project aiming to reforest degraded areas of the Afram Headwaters Forest Reserve in #Ghana! 🇬🇭 It’s a pleasure for us to participate and to contribute to this kind of project, with a powerful and transcendent #SocialImpact. #CarbonCredits

What a difference a year makes!

Using the Major Cyclone @MajorEquipment as the perfect machine for precision inter-row mowing, feeding the #soil with vital nutrients and improving overall tree growth performance and soil fertility.

#organic #GreenGhana 🇬🇭🇬🇧#biodiversity #carbon


As we use more #timber globally and move towards #decarbonisation, we must realise the importance of plantations and work with nature's building materials.

We provide sustainable tropical timber through #reforestation,#coppicing, and zero deforestation. #FromSeedtoSaw #SDGs🇬🇭🇬🇧


What can we learn from the The Guardian / VERRA debate that can help us evolve forest #carboncrediting? As project developers we strongly support high integrity of forest #carboncredits and #carbonmarkets

Read ALLCOT’s full statement to this debate➡️

This week we've been carrying out stand assessments and recording new data of our permanent sample plots. This data is used to develop growth-and-yield models that support #timber supply and #carbon sequestration analysis. In addition, we monitor the vegetation and #biodiversity.


Enacting positive change through #reforesting degraded forestland with Sustainable Development Goals at the heart of our business.

Thank you to Abofoman Youth for Development (AYFD) for our Special Recognition Award.

#Plantations #Ethical #Commercial #Abofour #careers #SDGs🇬🇭🇬🇧

We encourage a healthy understory with natural vegetation, selective weeding, and mulching periodically to improve #SoilHealth.
⬇️Some of our 2018 and '19 planted Teak after formative pruning. We improve timber quality of sawlog material through silvicultural practices.#SDG15🇬🇭🇬🇧


Sustainable tropical forestry: a pathway to a healthy planet. This issue of Tropical Forest Update reports on the 58th session of the International Tropical Timber Council and other forestry news. #itto #europeanunion #sfm #tfu
Download this issue:

Wishing our staff, clients and suppliers all the best for the festive season.
Thank you to all the #foresters and #farmers who have shared their knowledge, challenges and achievements on this platform throughout the year.
Bringing people to #nature and nature to people.

Our aim is to deliver sustainable timber in a changing climate. From maximising germination rates and improving #SoilHealth of degraded land, to delivering quality timber from a regenerating #plantation forest. Each step requires investment and commitment for the long-term.🌱➡️🪚


Continuing our work with Wattsons to bring quality #Teak to the marine industry, with full CoC documentation and a zero waste policy.
Through coppice #silviculture, and selective logging, plantation #timber can replace reliance on old-growth timber. #Sustainable From Seed to Saw®

It's #WorldSoilDay2022.
We work with soil every day to ensure land that has been degraded over decades is capable of providing #timber + #food for generations.
Using our own organic mulch to improve #soilhealth, fertility, increase nutrients and moisture conservation.

Happy #FarmersDay2022 🎉

Many #foresters and #farmers worldwide might grow one or two commercial crops but still maintain a biodiverse landscape through intercropping and sustainable land management.

We plant #Teak but #grow and husband so much more.

#food #timber #SDGs 🇬🇭🇬🇧


Since @COP26 we successfully tackled 33 wildfires, reducing carbon release and biodiversity damage.
We use satellite and drone data to provide early warnings of fires and encroachment. This information promptly allows onsite staff to instantly react, minimising impact. #SDGs🇬🇭🇬🇧

#Teak, like most broadleaf species, can regenerate through #coppicing (a traditional woodland management technique used since the Stone Age).
This allows for a longer lifespan sequestering CO2 that is locked up for the long life of the associated #timber. #sustainable #SDG15🇬🇭🇬🇧


Do you know your #timber origin and #sustainability?
If you're buying homegrown timber, then you likely do.
Importing timber requires full chain of custody and provenance as proof of #legality.
As we grow and import our own #Teak, we provide a unique timber passport. #FLEGT🇬🇧🇬🇭


At 3yrs post planting, these #Teak stands have become resilient against fire, pest and disease (natural elements of teak’s adaptation to its environment).

Growing tree species that can survive a warmer climate will assist in maintaining #sustainable landscapes.

#SDG15🇬🇭 @COP27P


Every cubic meter of plantation-grown timber brought to market is a cubic meter of timber that has not been cut from a natural forest.
Through #sustainable forest management, we are delivering quality #Teak that is locking up carbon for the lifespan of the wood.
#SDGs #FLEGT🇬🇭🇬🇧


These #carbon capturing seedlings have now been planted in the field for onward growing. We replace underperforming trees in post-plant beat up for the first 3 years.
We are growing for #timber with attention to #soilhealth,#biodiversity, and ecosystems.

#Sustainable #SDG15🇬🇭🇬🇧

Check out our article in the Forestry and Hedging section of the @FarmersGuide.

We are recruiting for mechanics and #tractor operators with forestry/farming experience seeking a new challenge. No formal qualifications needed.

Be part of our growing plantation team in Ghana🌳🇬🇭


#Teak growth performance is crucial for timber productivity, and across our 2 sites we have trees at various stages of growth.
Here's some of our young trees less than 5yrs old, showing healthy MAI's and straight stems post low pruning.
#silviculture #soil #SLM #GrowInGhana🇬🇭🇬🇧


@MerePlantations @SotonBoatShow @Sunseeker_Intl @itto_sfm @wesleyking7 @TimberDevUK @moigovgh @UKinGhana @UKGCC_ACCRA @fcghana2020 it really does look amazing !!!

It was great to attend this years @SotonBoatShow and also to see where some of our top-grade timber ends up!
Mere are proud to provide a fully documented product From Seed to Saw™; bringing legal, sustainable plantation #Teak to the marine industry.
#FLEGT #SDGs🇬🇭@Sunseeker_Intl

In our opinion, there's no manmade material that can replicate the look & feel of real wood.
Bespoke pieces, made to client specifications, from #sustainable, legal, Mere #Teak.
This is #carbon locked up for a long life on the ocean.
Grown in🇬🇭Made in🇬🇧 #Jobs #SDGs #Trade #FLEGT


Honoured to have been presented with an award by @fcghana2020 at the 4th World #Teak Conference. Thank you to Mr John Allotey and Mr Hugh Brown of #Ghana Forestry Commission, for your support and words of encouragement.
We are proud of our people, our plantation and our #Teak 🇬🇭

Final day at the 4th World #Teak Conference 2022.
The event has provided great networking opportunities and a platform for #business.
Thank you to the organisers and event sponsors for delivering this forum.

#Trade beyond #Aid🇬🇧🇬🇭 #Ghana #SDGs #sustainable #timber @kempinskiACC


Day 2 at the #WTC2022 and a big shout out to all the #WomenInForestry. Thank you ladies for stopping by our stand to talk #Teak.
We strongly believe Ghana Teak is amongst the best Teak to be traded in the world🌳🇬🇭🌳🇬🇭🌳

@TropenbosGhana @P4Forests @fcghana2020
@FAOGhana #SDG5


A thought provoking session presented by Mark, Mere's CEO, on the commercialisation of #Teak in the international market.
Offering a #commercial perspective and promoting Ghana Teak as the #sustainable viable option.

#ZeroDeforestation #GrownInGhanaWithGhana

Excited to be sponsoring the 4th World Teak Conference @kempinskiACC
Thank you to all our partners and fellow #Teak associates for a fantastic start to the event. Information exchange and knowledge sharing is key to Teak development in #Ghana🇬🇭🇬🇧
@itto_sfm @fcghana2020 @FAOGhana


We've established and continue to maintain a network of cleared firebreaks to prevent fires from burning onto reserved areas or through our plantations.
Rides are constructed around compartments, ensuring they are free of fire hazardous material and accessible year-round.#SDG13🇬🇭

Delighted to be welcomed as a member of the UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce.
We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership as we work together on matters including rural #employment, #forestry mechanics skills and knowledge share, and timber trade🇬🇭🇬🇧

The role of a #plantation is not to replace natural forests but rather to support the timber industry with a consistent and reliable supply of tropical #hardwood, thereby reducing (if not removing) the need for logging within the natural #forest.
#Teak #Seed2Saw #sustainable 🇬🇭🇬🇧


Cleaning up the timber trade industry needs everyone to work together - from timber grower through to end user.
We pride ourselves in bringing sustainable #Teak to the yacht boat-building industry with full chain of custody and FLEGT-compliance guaranteed.
@TimberDevUK #ZeroWaste


There are many factors that affect final #timber quality. We increase our merchantable tree volume through #silvicultural practices that improve tree form and grade. We're committed to producing high-quality logs that this market demands & deserves.
#SDG15🇬🇭🇬🇧#Teak #FLEGT


We have various occupations within our plantation #forestry environment and are currently looking to grow our mechanic/tractor operator team.
🚜DM if interested🚜

Mere are committed to building #sustainable longterm employment in the rural communities.
#GreenGhana365 #SDG8🇬🇭🇬🇧


We're passionate about the use of real #wood; making the grade to supply rotational coppice, plantation-grown #Teak to D A Watts & Sons.
We never take out of the land more than we give back and work together to maximise the recovery of every log. #ZeroWaste #NoPlastic #SDGs🇬🇧🇬🇭


With the world's topsoil being lost at an alarming rate, #soilhealth has become a global priority.
We work with the soil and healthy #vegetation, so the land will produce for generations.
#Sustainable land management is everyone's business.

#Reforestation #Trees #FLEGT #SDG15🇬🇭


It’s a real pleasure working with Alan and his team at Wattsons. Sharing company values, from whole-tree usage to zero-deforestation #timber to employment opportunities in🇬🇧and🇬🇭.
Putting people at the💚of our businesses and sharing our passion for sustainable #Teak.


The next batch of seedlings are hardening off in the nursery before onward #growing. We've had some good rains and our planting crews and teams are ready for all weathers.
This planting alone will cover the area of 75🇬🇧football pitches!
#SDG15🇬🇭#Teak #GreeningGhana #GrowWithGhana


Congratulations Mark Hogg @MerePlantations on your Honorary Fellowship @MyerscoughColl today for your outstanding achievements in #forestry and #sustainable development

We are also delighted to recognise Mark Hogg, CEO of
@MerePlantations as an Honorary Fellow of Myerscough College for his work in the development and management of several thousands of acres of hardwood plantations in Africa.

Why settle for carbon intensive materials when you can use #wood, with a much lower #carbon footprint when sustainably grown and harvested.
We are growing a regenerating forest for the future with nature and people at the core.
#Jobs #Teak #coppicing #PlasticFreeJuly #FLEGT🇬🇭🇬🇧


President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has appointed seasoned professional forester Hugh C.A. Brown as Executive Director of the Forest Services Division (FSD) of the Forestry Commission, Ghana.


Our planting teams are working hard transplanting the young #Teak seedlings to the field for onward growing.
As well as producing #commercial timber crops, we aim to reduce the decline and degradation of our forests through sustainable land management and improving #SoilHealth🇬🇭


TDUK member @MerePlantations is partnering with Timber Auctions UK to bring #sustainably grown plantation #Teak logs to the UK market.

The first sale of Mere Plantations’ Teak logs into the UK takes place on Wednesday 22nd June at @TimberAuctions. #FLEGT

Growing and developing 'green skills' in our #plantation environment is invaluable to pass down to the next generation. Transferable #forestry skill sets combined with practical knowledge will be critical in achieving a #GreenGhana365🇬🇭.
#jobs #silviculture #SDGs

In addition to planting 8,000 Teak seedlings today in support of #GreenGhanaDay, we are also planting 1,000 bamboo seedlings for onward growing in our #biodiverse plantation. Working 365 with communities and @fcghana2020 to mobilize for a greener future. >4M trees grown to date🇬🇭


the future is here 😎 #teak #plantation #mereplantation #sunseeker #homegrown #Sustainability #teakdecking #marineyachts @MerePlantations

From seed provenance to end purchaser, each stage in the timber journey under the 🇬🇭🇪🇺#FLEGT-VPA (a legally binding #trade agreement) requires verifying as legal, sustainable and traceable.
Being the plantation owner and grower we can ensure just that. #TrustedTimber #Teak #SDGs


Green is the quintessential colour of nature and this chameleon loves our #Teak as much as we do.

Plantations play an important role in biodiversity conservation and restoration when management strikes the right balance. Building a shared future for all life.
#BiodiversityDay 🇬🇭


Turning degraded former forest land back into a fertile, regenerating landscape is a long journey. No land is taken out of food production, and food trees are integrated into our plantation. Creating a #sustainable landscape that can grow and produce for generations. #timber 🇬🇧🇬🇭

We can't take credit for this #ThickTrunkTuesday veteran Ceiba, but we can for protecting it and providing a home for bees/pollinators.
Young and old growth #trees are housed in our plantation environment - creating a varying aged landscape, improving #biodiversity value. #SDGs🇬🇭

In our permanent irrigated nursery, our current germination rates are as high as 85%.
The process of germinating the #Teak seeds is labour intensive; from soaking and drying rotations to hand-weeding and hand selection of the delicate shoots for onward growing.#GreenGhana #SDGs🇬🇭


#Planting numbers grow into tree numbers through active management, maintenance, monitoring, and beat-up to replace any failed or underperforming saplings. Through a continuous cover forestry approach and coppicing #Teak, our 'Always Growing' approach is maximised. #sustainable🇬🇭

Sustainable management of soil not only affects #forest productivity, but also impacts soil's ability as a #carbon sink.
Mulch is the perfect organic material to suppress weeds, conserve moisture and return nutrients back to the soil.
@MajorEquipment #FLEGT #SoilHealth #SDG15🇬🇭


The team at Mere Plantations are proud to be working with D. A. Watts. Jointly bringing sustainably grown, expertly prepared timber to the yacht industry. Environmentally friendly, renewable and fully documented plantation #Teak for the 21st century.
#GrownInGhana #FLEGT🇬🇧🇬🇭


My #thicktrunktuesday this week would have a thicker trunk if not for fire, this Cola gigantea has taken a beating in the past but is now nestled in @MerePlantations being looked after by fire guards. A suitable retirement.


Using natural materials in everyday #plantation life is important to us. Palm fronds are used in germination beds, bamboo for nursery frames, pegs for planting and #timber for security huts and workshop sheds.
Considering our environmental impact at each growing stage. #SDG12♻️🇬🇭


This month we've celebrated #IWD2022 and #AfricaGenderMonth.

Creating equal opportunities employment and skills share in our growing environment, with over 50% of our forestry team being women.

#WomenInForestry 🇬🇭🇬🇧🇮🇪#BreakTheBias #GreeningGhana #GrowInGhana #GrowWithGhana

With 15yrs of tree growing and tending we have gone from seed➡️saw.
Tropical hardwood users, by law, require transparency and traceability for all their #timber.
We only grow on degraded former forestland and ensure #sustainability and traceability.
#ZeroDeforestation #FLEGT🇬🇭🇬🇧


Some examples of how we minimise damage from #wildfire (anthropogenic - poachers).
◦ Security patrol our land to halt illegal activities
◦ Maintain fire-rides to stop fire in its tracks⬇️
◦ Green firebreaks + riparian strips conserve #biodiversity
◦ Grow resilient species🌳🇬🇭

"Forests and sustainable production and consumption" is the theme of this years #IntlForestDay, emphasising the importance of ALL types of forests.

Choose sustainable wood for people and planet.

#FLEGT-VPA🇬🇭🇬🇧#Coppicing >#timber #reforestation #BetterWithForests #SDG12


Both of these photo's were taken in our plantation.

Sustainably growing #timber should be balanced with other considerations: protecting biodiversity, caring for soils, increasing #carbon storage, whilst respecting #people and #nature.

#SoilHealth #GrowingGhana #Teak #SDG15🇬🇭🇬🇧


One of our clients stated that he did not want to be the one who used the last primary forest #Teak tree.
Plantation Teak (grown on degraded former forestland) can sustainably generate quality #timber, meeting the growing demand for legal tropical hardwood.
#GreenGhana #FLEGT🇬🇭


The President of Ghana, H. E Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo has launched the the 2022 Edition of Green Ghana Day, at the Accra International Conference Centre. The theme for this year’s exercise is “Mobilizing for a Greener Future” and it is scheduled for June 10, 2022.


Taking pride in creating a healthy, carbon-sequestering environment that generates #jobs, #timber, and #income in a sustainable manner.

Working with local people encourages successful, long-term outcomes for our reforestation project.

#GrowGhana #SoilHealth #FLEGT-VPA #SDG15🇬🇭

“Ghana is still on course to be the first country in Africa to issue timber legality licenses (#FLEGT )” said EU Ambassador @IrchadR during a courtesy visit today to the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, @SamuelAJinapor.


Specifying sustainably sourced tropical timber can help combat climate change and support forests to grow. These modules are for specifiers, architects, merchants or designers, to build confidence to understand and work with tropical timber supply chains.

Growing a varying aged, biodiverse, #sustainable landscape over 10,000+ acres that will continue to provide for generations #TimberYouCanTrust.

Taking a continuous cover forestry approach to reforesting degraded former forest land.
#GrowInGhana #GrowWithGhana🇬🇭#SoilHeath #Yield

When establishing a stand of #timber, we take nutrient-deficient soil and over time build nutrient-rich topsoil.

Soil productivity is critical to #sustainable forest management, crop yield and #biodiversity.

Returning #soilhealth to Afram🇬🇭


🦋Butterflies contribute to thriving #ecosystems and can indicate the state of #biodiversity and forest heath.

Here are just a few of the different species spotted on our plantations last week.

Our #Teak Plantations are anything but a green desert!

#SDG15 #mulch #SoilHealth🇬🇭

Investment begins with a realistic chance of generating a return. That return shouldn't only be financial, #ESG principles are equally as important. A business should be set up for there to be no losers.
Growing #timber with the community in🇬🇭is #trading beyond the need for Aid.


#Throwback to last week when @UKinGhana held a reception to engage key stakeholders in 🇬🇧🇬🇭 investment partnership after the Africa Investment Conference to promote #greeninvestment in Ghana. Highlights are up on our instagram stories now! Watch here 👉🏽

Discussing how we can better address the risks of #wildfire through satellite early warning and proactive management.

Growing #trees is a journey. Thank you Hugh Brown, Head of Plantations Division @fcghana2020 for walking with us🙏🏾

#AlwaysGrowing #alwayslearning #plantation🇬🇭


A great evening at the British High Commission in Accra. Thank you to @HCThompson001 and the @UKinGhana team. British businesses working together to deliver clean, green growth in Ghana.

#SDGs 🇬🇭 #reforestation #TradebeyondAid

Nature’s own fertiliser🍂🍂🍂
Teak leaves are perfect mulching material and soil-builder, organically fertilising the #soil through decomposition.
The leaf litter acts as a natural blanket of mulch, regulating soil moisture and temperature.
Healthy soils = healthy plants + trees


Important customs changes took place on 1 January 2022.

You can find our detailed TTF customs briefing documents as well as an outline of the new changes in our latest blog below 👇

#timber #export #import #Brexit

Keeping fire-rides and green breaks maintained during the dry Harmattan season. Educating employees and the community on fire prevention, control, and suppression. Our ground patrols, combined with satellite early warning detection, help mitigate #wildfire risks. #SDG13🇬🇭#SDG15🇬🇭


From seed to saw, the process of delivering sustainable timber to market cannot be done without people. Mere in the U.K. and Ghana would like to wish all our customers, employees, partners and supporters a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2022🎉
#AlwaysGrowing #FLEGT🇬🇭🇬🇧


There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to restoration of degraded former forestland.
By concentrating on #SoilHealth for productivity and profitability, we are ensuring the land will provide and be truly sustainable for generations.
#SDG15 🇬🇭🌳#ZeroDeforestation

Mark, on behalf of the team at Mere, has proudly accepted the offer of an Honorary College Fellowship from @MyerscoughColl in recognition of outstanding achievements and work in #Forestry.
Sharing knowledge of our unique experience of tropical plantation establishment @UKinGhana


More people are starting to question where their #timber comes from, and rightly so. The best way is to buy direct from transparent growers.
Taking a long-term view on resources, ensuring timber is harvested responsibly and forests are well-managed. #coppicing #sustainable #SDGs

Actions, not words, will count post @COP26

Improving soil health that has been degraded for decades, creating and maintaining firebreaks, incorporating buffer zones for #biodiversity, sustainably growing #timber on a coppice basis whilst locking up carbon #TogetherForOurPlanet

The National Forest Monitoring System developed by the Ghana Forestry Commission monitors timber and wood products along with other commodity extraction and transactions. The system will consolidate efforts of #FLEGT, #FACT and accountability. @fcghana2020

Creating quality employment, opportunities, whilst enhancing #sustainable livelihoods in rural communities through forest plantation development.

Direct trading and investment that is driving growth in the rural economy whilst growing a carbon sink.
#SDGs🇬🇭#COP26 #YouthWorkWeek