All Mere’s timber is registered, certified origin and certified sustainably produced. Released to the market in 2019, Mere have over 20+cm d.b.h. logs. All logs have been de-limbed from juvenile timber, so limited number of knots.

• Large volume contracts available
• Small volume, one off bespoke contracts
• Very even colour
• Very even grade
• Long term supply agreements (50years) available
• Order sizes up to 2 million cubic metres
• Available as round/billeted logs
• Cut to specific lengths/in mixed container tree lengths

Mere are a socially responsible employer with good community relations. Timber is grown in partnership with Ghana Forestry Commission and fully registered under the REDD+ programme. Ghana Teak is light in colour and has a tight uniform grain.

Purchase is available:
• FOB or
• CIF or
• Collection from the plantation

Mere will look at specific requests from buyers or mixed load. Mere have the scale to meet demand and the ability to be flexible.