The Fire Prevention and Wildfire Plan for Mere Plantations in the Afram Headwaters Forest Reserve this dry season has been discussed and agreed with personnel of Ghana’s National Fire Service (GNFS) and Ghana Forestry Commission (GFC).

Mere have engaged with GNFS to plan, educate, train, and coordinate the execution of our Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Plan in the Afram Headwaters Forest Reserve this dry season.

Mere Plantations land is bordered by seven villages and communities;

• Kwaku Akom
• Anyinasu
• Bemi
• Boayaase
• Bobra
• Asuboi
• Kwapanin

Fire Prevention:

The entire land leased by Mere Plantations Limited is bordered by a minimum 8-meter fire-ride which is being kept clear of combustible material.

As most wildfires are human caused, the Fire Prevention Plan involves the communities around us, our employees, the District Forest Services Division, and the National Fire Service. A Fire Coordination team, headed by our Plantation Managers and including National Fire Service personnel and a Forest District’s Manager, identify, sensitize, educate, train, and implement various aspects of the Fire Prevention and Fighting Plan.


As part of the plan, the Fire Coordinating team:
• Educate and sensitize villagers on the need to prevent forest fires.
• Identify and train Fire Volunteers on Fire Preventive measures in each village.
• Organise appropriate Fire Patrols where necessary.
• Distribute firefighting safety equipment required to the Fire Volunteers.

For each community, we engage the services of a community leader to lead the Fire Volunteers with the Fire Prevention exercise.